Marin County Fair Laptop Sleeve

Marin County Fair 2017 Tablet & Laptop Sleeves


Marin County Fair Edition

This colorful tablet and laptop sleeves made from upcycled 2017 Marin County Fair banners provides the ultimate in stylish protection for your precious gear – ready to head out!

  • Supported Cause: 5% of sales proceeds are donated to Marin Cultural Association
  • Outer Material: Reclaimed 2017 Marin County Fair banners
  • Lining Material: Neoprene
  • Durable hook & loop closure
  • Made in California, USA

PLEASE NOTE: The  sleeve shown in the picture is a sample and gives you and idea what your product made from the 2017 Marin County Fair banners could look like. However, since we cut every item individually and from different parts of the banner, we can’t guarantee that it will look exactly like the one in the photo – but we can guarantee you that it will look just as awesome!

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