Featured Partner

We’ve partnered with Humane Society of Sonoma County– to start the new year off with cute, adoptable pets.

Do double the good, when you purchase a Humane Society of Sonoma County bag, 5% of the sales proceeds go to help pets find a loving home and keeps banners from the landfill.


#RethinkWaste With Us

Sonoma-USA loves working with local businesses to help reduce their waste streams, boost sustainability efforts and keep usable material out of the landfill.

Work with us to create unique and meaningful bags and accessories with your materials!

  • Banners, billboards & flags
  • Curtains, drapes & other upholstery materials
  • Canvas and burlap
  • Truck tarps, boat covers & bouncy castles
  • Tents, canopies, awnings & umbrellas
  • Fire hose, bicycle tubing, yoga & rubber mats
  • Overstock fabrics, accessories & hardware
  • Scrap fabrics & other production byproducts
  • Ropes, leashes, seatbelts, webbing & tie-downs

Let’s see what you can add to this list!

Give Back

For every product we sell, we donate a percentage of the sales proceeds to a charitable cause.

When we work with your company to divert your materials from the landfills and create a consumer product, you choose a cause or charity you wish to support with the proceeds.


Work with us

  • Get rid of unwanted and hard-to-throw-away materials.
  • Reduce your waste stream.
  • Help a charity you love.
Let’s get started