About Us

We founded Sonoma-USA with the goal to create a brand that reflects who we are, what we believe in and tells the world where all of our products are made: right here in our Santa Rosa factory in the heart of sunny Sonoma County.

Sonoma-USA is owned by TekTailor Inc., a Benefit Corporation and soon to be certified B-Corp, with the goal to bring more sustainable textile and apparel manufacturing to the United States.

We have over 20 years of experience in the local cutting and sewing industry and are looking forward to establish this new business and provide more quality jobs to the local workforce for many years to come.

Our Mission

Divert. Design. Deliver.

At Sonoma-USA, we live and breathe the innovative culture and spirit of sustainability in Sonoma County. We are dedicated to preserving our beautiful rolling hills and vineyards by preventing growing mountains of trash.

We work with local businesses and individuals to divert materials from the landfill and give them a new life by transforming them into well-designed and useful products.

Every product we design and create is unique and evokes the material’s history and previous purpose.

We create jobs locally, support local merchants and businesses with our “Buy Local” purchasing policy, and contribute a percentage of our sales to local organizations and charities.


Giving Back

Our business model is designed to support our local community and local charities by donating a percentage of every product sold. That means, that with every purchase you make you automatically support a good cause – and that’s on top of your conscious decision to help protect the environment by opting for a product made from recovered materials!

When we partner with local businesses to help reduce their waste stream, we invite our partners to suggest a charity of their choice.


We have also set up our own “Sonoma-USA Community Fund” where we set aside a share of our proceeds from all product sales not directly related to a partner’s preferred charity. Together with our employees we decide how to best use those funds and what causes to support in our local community. We are fully transparent about the money generated for partner charities as well as for our own fund and you can find more details in the “Metrics & Impact” (coming soon).